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What the Targeted Placement System 

means for your practice.


Simply Stated, it means the right fit.


We take pride in being on target when it comes to finding personnel for your medical practice. Deeply experienced in the healthcare field, AME staffing specialists are real placement pros who know that when you need to fill a position, you need to do so quickly and correctly.


Frankly, no one else does what we do the way we do it. Our enviable reputation for delivering consistently excellent results is due to our understanding of - and uncompromising dedication to - satisfying your specific staffing requirements.


The industry's most competent recruiters, adhering to our deep and wide search values, have created and continue to fortify an unequalled inventory of thoroughly screened, low-learning-curve candidates. These qualities comprise our proprietary Targeted Placement System, a process that is so effective we back it with the industry's foremost nine-month replacement program!

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