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Referral Coordinator Job Postings - Permanent Only!!


Referral Coordinator/Front Office (bilingual preferred) - We have a multi-provider Orthopedic Sub-Specialty practice located in Scottsdale and we are currently in need of a front office referral coordinator with at least 1-2+ years of specialty experience. Job Duties: check for referrals for new patients, or for patients having tests or procedures, call PCP for referrals, obtain prior authorizations, verify insurance, check patients in and out, scheduling, and collection of co-pays. Strong EMR experience is required. Office Hours: 8-5:30 Monday - Friday. Salary $14-16+/DOE. Benefits: 90% of health insurance premium paid, dental, vision, profit sharing, 401k, PTO, vacation, and holidays.

Front Office Check-Out & Referral Coordinator - We have a 3 provider Specialty practice located in East Mesa and we are presently looking for an additional front office person. Job Duties: check patients out, check for necessary referrals, call PCP for referral when necessary, obtain prior authorizations as needed, verify eligibility, scan patient demographics, ID, insurance information into EMR, and collect patient co-pays, co-insurance, and deductibles. Centricity EMR experience is A+. Office Hours: 9-5:30 Monday -- Friday. Salary $13-15+/DOE. Benefits: health insurance, PTO, vacation, and holidays.

Referrals & Prior Authorizations Coordinator - We have a multi-provider Surgical Practice located in Gilbert and we are looking for a candidate with at least 1-2+ years of experience in referrals and prior auths. Duties: call primary care provider for referral form, obtain prior authorizations, prep charts for surgery, and update and modify surgery schedule in EMR as needed. Office Hours: 8:30-5:00 Monday through Friday. Salary $14-15+/DOE. Benefits: 100% of health insurance, dental, and vision paid! 401k, bonuses, PTO, vacation, and holidays.

Front Office SOLO - We have a multi-provider ENT/Allergy practice located in the far West Valley and we are currently looking for a front office person capable of running the front office practice solo. Job Duties: greeting patients, checking patients in, scheduling appointments, verifying insurance, scanning all patient information into EMR, checking for referral forms from the PCP, obtaining prior authorizations as needed, and collection of patient co-pays, co-insurance, deductibles, or any patient balance owing. Office Hours: vary 7:40-4:30 or 8:30-5:30 Monday -- Friday. Salary $12-14+/DOE. Benefits: health insurance, 401k, dental, PTO, vacation, and holidays.


Front Office/Referral Coordinator - We have a multiprovider Alternative Medicine/Physical Therapy/Wellness practice located in Southwest Phoenix (near the 101) and we are looking for a front office person capable of running a front office solo. Job Duties: answer phones, schedule appointments, verify insurance, obtain prior auths, check for referrals, call CPC for referrals as needed, collect patient payments, and balance-out end of day receipts. Office Hours: 8:30-6:30 Monday - Friday (with 2 hour lunch, location is ideal for candidates residing near the 101 in southwest Phoenix). Salary $12-14+/DOE. Benefits: $200 per month towards your own medical insurance, PTO, vacation, and holidays.

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