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“I like the promptness and follow-through. Your applicants' skills match what we need, and your recruiters go the extra mile.”

​~ Claire, ophthalmology practice

“I don't have to worry about specifics if I'm in a bind because you know our preferences and send the right people out quickly for interviews.”

~ Patty, urology practice


“The recruiters understand my needs and are fast when I tell them what I want, they send good people - really good candidates - and it makes our decision 'harder' because they are all qualified.  The people they place with us tend to stay with us.”

~ Mary, pediatric practice


“We've relied on AME since 1995. They stay very much on top of everything, and the recruiters are fabulous. Recently, I called in an order that was filled in 24 hours. We haven't used another agency since the start. They've placed the best candidates ever hired by this practice!”

~ Barb, ophthalmology practice


“Just excellent recruiters, just great!”

~ Cyndi, internal medicine practice


“I like the quickness, follow-through and great customer service. It is very convenient not to have to do all the work of finding someone. The recruiters are awesome and I love their personalities!”

~ Jenny, otolaryngology practice


“I wouldn't change anything about AME. Each hiring experience just gets better.”

~ Doris, urology practice


“I like everything about AME; every experience has been positive. When we have to have the right fit in our office, you guys provide that; you get the personality, assertiveness and experience we are looking for.”

~ Cathy, cardiology practice

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