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We Specialize in Forever Jobs!!


"Does AME staff permanent positions & temporary positions?"

Permanent Positions Only

At Arizona Medical Exchange we specialize in permanent positions only.  We will never contact you with a "temporary" or "temp-to-perm" position.  All positions are direct-hire.  Our goal is to find you a "home".


"What type of medical jobs do you staff?"

Private Practice Facilities

We specialize in placement for private practice settings and only those with a positive reputation.  We handle all specialties to include primary care, surgical, and specialty practices.


"Do you have positions close to my home?"

Yes - We service the entire Phoenix Metropolitan Area.

Simply tell our recruiters in minutes or miles what traveling distance is acceptable to you.


"Can I look for positions on my own or use other sources?"

Yes, Of Course.

Your goal is our ultimate goal - to find the right position for you.  We would encourage you to utilize multiple sources to maximize your job search.


"Is there a fee for your service?"

No - the physicians pay for our services.

AME is your own personalized medical search firm - for free!  We work individually with each candidate to design the perfect job search.


"How do I get registered with you?"

Simple.  Send us your resume.

Your search begins the moment we receive your resume.  Include a cover letter and briefly describe your ideal position.  Once a match becomes available we will contact you directly and schedule an interview with one of our recruiters.


"How long will you search for me?"

As long as it takes.

We will never stop searching for you.  Until you have found a permanent "home", AME will continue to search on your behalf.


"If I am offered a position am I obligated to accept it?"

Of course not!

We only want you to accept a position if you truly want it.  We understand that not every practice is going to be a good fit.  We will still contact you with other positions.


"Who negotiates my salary?"

You do.

When we call you with a position we will make sure the starting salary meets your salary requirements. Ultimately, you negotiate your salary, benefits, etc., directly with the practice.


"Will my current employer find out I'm looking for a job?"

Discretion is paramount.

We understand that for many that they must continue working while searching for a new position.  At AME we maintain complete discretion.


"I'm working.  What if I miss your call?"

It's okay.

We will first leave you a voicemail, then text you, and finally email you.  It is important that you get back with us as soon as possible as most of our positions are filled in one to four business days.

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